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Prepare your students with the soft skills they need for college and career readiness.

SoftServe is helping educators deliver soft skill learning through interactive games.

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Teach and track soft skills like creativity, curiosity, and empathy -- in-person or online. 


In support of all educators working to respond to the corona virus outbreak, we are offering complimentary access to SoftServe. Book a demo to get started. 

Game-based learning
optimized for student engagement

Soft skill development
using classroom content

Learning analytics
to track student performance

Built-in breakout sessions
for team collaboration

The future of work and learning is in our soft skills.

“As the impact of AI and disruptive technology grows, candidates who can perform tasks that machines cannot are becoming more valuable — and that underscores the growing importance of soft skills, which are hard for machines to emulate.”

-- Harvard Business Review

Create an engaging  environment for students to develop soft skills.

Soft skills are for career-readiness
Employers demand 
soft skills

The future of 
learning is remote
Engagement is critical for distance learning

Games enhance engagement
Students learn through competition and play

- Get access to exclusive games that
   support learning soft skills

- Use your own classroom content to

   customize games

- Facilitate breakout sessions and 

   engage students through competitions

SoftServe is a game-based learning platform to teach and track soft skills.

- Evaluate game performance data 
   for your student, class, and school

Supported by research and the education community.

Free access for schools.

Soft Serve offers everything you need to keep students learning soft skills in a remote learning environment.
Beginning April 1st, we’re providing free access to SoftServe to schools and districts transitioning to remote learning.

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“We use SoftServe to facilitate discussions about empathy and taking on others' perspectives in the classroom. I like the ease of game play, and the flexibility of the tool.”

- Sebastian Martin,
   Social Innovation Program Lead,
   Avenues World School in NYC

“I love that students can engage instantly and immediately see how they can impact change and gather data at the same time.”

- Suman Sebastian,
   Coach of First Robotics Club 8284

"Our grade 9 robotics class has been working on applying design thinking to solve problems, and SoftServe was a great way to do just that. We have a very competitive group of students, so they were immediately drawn into the game.”

- Fred Hawley,
   Teacher, Burnaby Central Secondary

Begin teaching and tracking soft skills with SoftServe today.